Caribbean Watch – August 2012

Feb 28 2017
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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the first edition of CARIBBEAN WATCH the monthly newsletter for the Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM).

CARIFAM has been formed as a non-profit charitable organization with the MISSION to be “the foremost organization in the Caribbean dedicated to the protection and promotion of fundamental human rights premised on the inherent dignity of the human person”.

After 16 years of public service in Saint Lucia and a diplomat at the United Nations, I am increasingly concerned about the escalating social ills and economic problems affecting our societies and which have their genesis in the breakdown of the family.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) recognizes the family, based on marriage between one man and one woman, both as the fundamental cell unit of society and as an institution requiring protection by society and the State. In spite of the evidence, based on sound scientific research, which shows that strong, healthy families are the basis for building healthy and vibrant economies, today, in our Caribbean societies the family is relentlessly attacked and systematically undermined.

An organized Barrage

A well organized and carefully executed barrage against our deep-seated Christian values is taking place on many fronts and includes the promotion of abortion, the demand for same sex marriage and, the so called “rights” based on “sexual orientation”, the promotion of prostitution, of pornography and of any sexual behavior that, going counter to our sense of decency, undermines both our personal integrity and our family life.

The results of this unprecedented attack are now unmistakable. In spite of the immense and diverse talents of our people and the wonderful environment in which we live, our beautiful countries continue on a downward spiral with high unemployment, increasing crime and social disintegration, as well as low levels of investment and high public debt that cripple growth.

Colonialist Mindset

A new page of the story has recently been turned and it is scandalous, monstrous and totally unacceptable that small developing sovereign nations like ours should be pressured, threatened and coerced, under the guise of the promotion of so-called “human rights”, to accept, legalize and embrace alien ideologies that are quite contrary to our unique and distinctive cultures, time-tested traditions and religious beliefs. There is even the push to indoctrinate our innocent children with these foreign values and ideas through school curriculums with benign sounding names like “comprehensive sexuality education” or “sexual education”. The pressure on our countries to submit is steadily mounting, even while these ideas are being repeatedly rejected by the vast majority of persons in those very countries trying to force their hideous agenda on our vulnerable nations.

The Deception

It must be clearly stated that this agenda is being deceptively promoted under the cloak of “compassion”, and this is done by advocating for “special human rights” that are neither universally recognized nor have any basis in international law for certain classes of persons. These are over and above the inalienable, fundamental and universally recognized human rights to which every one of us without exception, as equal members of the human family, are entitled.

While love of neighbor demands that we reach out compassionately to all persons in need of support, whether in crisis pregnancies, in same sex attractions, or in a life of prostitution, it also demands that we do so sincerely, truthfully and honestly, that is, by offering them real solutions that will not further jeopardize their health and lives, nor place additional burdens on them nor enslave them.

Many of those who promote these so called “special human rights” themselves have no respect for the universally recognized rights such as the right to freedom of religion, freedom of expression and the “prior right” of parents to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children (Article 26(3)(UDHR).

Although I had eight years experience as a Minister of Government in Saint Lucia, it was not until I attended negotiations behind closed doors at the United Nations I discovered these shocking truths! Our people are being deluded. Most of our parents would be affronted and would reject these policies outright if they understood what is at stake. Our citizens have no idea to what use their tax dollars are being put in regional and international forums. We should ask ourselves; or rather ask our leaders – why CARICOM is so deafeningly silent at the United Nations on these important issues!

A Different approach

The successful rebuilding and development of every aspect of our societies require that we address this matter with deliberate urgency and turn away from the path of denial and self-delusion, which only undermines our quality of life.

At CARIFAM, our success will be predicated upon two levels of proactive efforts. At one level we implement “at ground level” programs that will directly affect the lives of our citizens and give them the opportunity to advance themselves, learn new skills and acquire the necessary tools required to improve their quality of life.

At another level we recognize that as long as our people are not told the truth, as long as leaders and activists keep advocating and implementing policies that hurt our people then our efforts will be useless. Therefore, we must advocate for real and realistic changes, based on sound scientific evidence and respectful of our dignity as human beings and sovereign nations, in policies, legislation and our mindset.

In order to achieve these objectives we must be well organized, fully and accurately informed and united in a common purpose. We need concerned, dedicated and committed individuals from across the length and breadth of the Caribbean to help build a successful and vibrant organization. From across the Caribbean and from our people in the Diaspora we ask for your support and invite you to be part of CARIFAM, where with our tremendous talent, wonderful culture and amazing environment we can still fulfill the dream that we had when we first set out on our paths to true and authentic Independence!

Email us at info@carifam.com.


Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, Founder

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