Ten Reasons Why Buggery Should Not Be Decriminalised

Feb 28 2017
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CARIFAM recognizes the fundamental and intrinsic dignity of all people whatever their orientation. We recognize that for reasons not yet fully explained by science, persons may experience attraction to members of their own sex. Overcoming these attractions can be a very painful challenge requiring the support, understanding, and compassion of others. For this reason we distinguish between those who have a homosexual tendency and those who promote homosexuality. Our opposition to legalizing buggery (homosexual acts) is not an opposition to homosexuals but a recognition that marriage, as between one man and one woman, is for the common good and in the best interests of society. Our reasoning is as follows:-

Decriminalising buggery means legalizing homosexuality. This opens the door for the legalization of every conceivable form of sexual perversion as a “sexual orientation” or “alternative lifestyle”.

The argument used by gay activists to justify legal recognition of their “sexual orientation” and “alternative lifestyle” is the very same legal argument which can be used to justify legalization of at least twenty one other sexual perversions including, bestiality, voyeurism, and necrophilia. The North American Man-Boy Love Association for example lobbies to ban age of consent laws thus legalizing sexual relations between children and adults (paedophilia).

Consider the obvious harm to society and the danger to children! Prosecution of child sexual abuse will be near impossible!

Legalising homosexuality opens the door to for legalization of same sex “marriage” and can also be used to justify legalizing other forms of relationships such as polygamy, incestuous couplings, or any type of “loving relationship”. This is wholly undesirable.

Once gay activists succeed in achieving the legalization of homosexuality, they quickly demand “rights” to same sex marriage, adoption etc. Fourteen different countries, having begun with the decriminalizing of buggery, now have been coerced into accepting, embracing and legalizing homosexual marriages. This was not done by referendum but by legislative power, against popular wishes, as per France. Thus, marriage has been moved away from nature and biology to emotions and feelings – on being “in love”. Being in love should not be the sole basis for demanding a right to marry; otherwise siblings, as well as parents and children, and other close relations, could also demand the right to marry each other. Marriage is based on more than just love.

Marriage is a natural institution between a man and a woman. It is rooted in human nature, not a social construct – present in every known society – and has been proven to be the best environment for the well being of men, women, and the upbringing of children.

Reproductive sex within marriage has a unique role, beneficial to all of society. The survival of the human species depends on heterosexual marriage.

It will undermine the family, the fundamental cell unit of society. Strong, healthy families are essential for strong, healthy societies.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Article 16 recognizes the family based on marriage between one man and one woman as “the natural and fundamental group unit of society….. entitled to protection by society and the state”. This recognition is at the heart of the human rights project as Member States of the United Nations, many decades ago, universally recognized that strong, intact families are essential to protection of fundamental human rights. If families breakdown, children, men and women become extremely vulnerable, and societies disintegrate. Social Science data repeatedly shows that children raised with their biological parents within marriage, as a general rule, excel in every area of well being than children brought up within other family settings.

The Caribbean, now more than ever, needs strong families. Saint Lucia’s rate of out of wedlock (extra marital) births is highest in the world (85.8 percent) as per UN World Fertility Report 2007 p. 70.

The current and serious problem of absentee fathers will be aggravated as the bisexual population grows. This problem has been identified as a key cause for youth underachievement and delinquency. A World Bank Study in the Caribbean in 2003 entitled “Caribbean Youth Development – Issues and Policy Directions” urged Caribbean governments to make families and fathers a top public policy issue.

Same-sex marriage denies the child the basic right to a mother and father.

Both mothers and fathers are needed for a child’s healthy growth and development. Their contribution to parenting and child development are unique and distinct. Studies repeatedly show that a child’s best interests are served by being brought up by a mother and a father. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes this fact by providing in Article 7 (1) that as far as possible every child “has a right to know and be cared for by his or her parents”.

Fatherlessness and motherlessness both have serious consequences which governments or government programs can never compensate for. We should not deliberately legislate to place the child at such a serious disadvantage from the onset of his life.

Homosexuality has not been proven to be genetic. Evidence suggests that environmental, familial, and personal influences contribute significantly to homosexual tendencies. A tendency toward homosexuality need not be acted upon. It can be successfully overcome.

There is no compelling empirical or biological evidence which confirms that homosexual behavior is genetic. Even if it were it should be discouraged because, like a tendency towards alcoholism, which has been proven to be genetic, it is unhealthy (a biological fact), and harms the individual and society.

Additionally, the prevalence of homosexuality is repeatedly grossly exaggerated both regionally and internationally. The Kinseyan notion that 10% of the population of the United States is gay has been seriously undermined by new studies which have concluded that the actual percentage of male homosexuals in the United States is somewhere between 2-3 %. Likewise, the unsubstantiated claim by Dr. Edward Greene United Nations Special Envoy for the Caribbean on HIV/AIDS that in some Caribbean countries 20 % of men are gays is grossly exaggerated.

Caribbean Governments should make adequate resources available for the establishment of programmes to assist persons struggling with same sex attractions so that they can overcome them. There are many, many, stories of persons who have successfully overcome unwanted same sex attractions. Best practice models should be carefully studied and adapted to our Caribbean context.

For a list of groups and organizations in the US and internationally that help people overcome unwanted same sex attractions visit www.pathinfo.org .

Homosexuality is an unhealthy and harmful practice which leads to injury, disease, and early death.

According to the US Centers for disease Control, men who have sex with men are 44 to 86 times more likely to be HIV positive than men who do not have sex with men.

Empirical evidence and social science data clearly show that homosexual activity is an unhealthy and harmful practice which leads to injury, disease and early death, and to increased prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, depression, etc. The infection rates among homosexuals are increasing on a daily basis. This continuing spread has been termed a syndemic.

The Pan Caribbean Partnership on HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) Strategic Plan 2006-2012 notes that the few studies of men who have sex with men in the Caribbean estimate very high HIV rates from 5 to 33 per cent (%).

Decriminalisation of buggery will lead to an increase in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Women will be exposed to more diseases from their promiscuous men folk.

Engaging is homosexuality or any kind of “alternative sexual lifestyle” is not a human right.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) recognizes the right of men and women of full age to marry and found a family. There is no binding universally accepted human rights instrument which recognizes homosexuality or sexual orientation as a human right.

Human rights have never been recognised based on behavior or preference. In case of “sexual orientation” this amounts to behavior which lacks clear definition and can change on a daily basis.

Gay rights activists promote a radical agenda which seeks to undermine fundamental Judeo-Christian principles which have been the bedrock of western civilization.

It is important to distinguish between the actions of the person with a homosexual tendency who genuinely needs help to overcome this unwanted same sex attraction and the gay activist.

The agenda of gay activists is not to seek health and well being but to impose their radical views on all people with total disregard for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of conscience which are all universally recognized fundamental human rights.

Not all homosexuals are gay activists. There are many homosexuals who do not support gay marriage for all or some of the reasons which have been outlined above. Recent demonstrations against gay marriage in France included groups of homosexuals publicly opposed to gay marriage. One of these persons was well known French Mayor, Jean Marc, (homosexual) who noted that “The rights of children trump the rights to children”.

The sexual rights agenda imposes acceptance of “alternative lifestyles” on all peoples. It undermines freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. It disregards sovereign rights of states, unfairly coerces smaller developing nations and unjustly links recognition of these “rights” to development aid. This is a new form of cultural imperialism!

Individuals are denied the freedom to express a dissenting view and are labelled as “homophobic” for expressing opinions even if they do so respectfully. Attempts are made to embarrass them publicly and even to deny them employment. Even pastors and priests have faced criminal prosecution for preaching against homosexuality to their congregations in their churches within the context of their religious beliefs.

Gay activists are not a minority group. They are extremely well funded and powerful. Due to their influence, developing countries within the Caribbean are under immense pressure from more developed countries to decriminalize buggery laws or else lose development aid. This cultural imperialism is unacceptable. Caribbean countries are sovereign, each democratically elected and accountable to the people of their respective countries within the Caribbean.

Legalising buggery will deny the fundamental right of parents to determine the quality of education which their children receive.

Once laws are changed, it is inevitable that school curriculums will be adjusted so as to be in conformity with current legislation.

Even where buggery remains illegal, the right of parents to determine the quality of education their children receive is already being infringed. Recently parents were up in arms in Jamaica because material directly promoting homosexuality was included in the school Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) Curriculum without the knowledge or consent of parents. The Minister of Education, Hon. Ronald Thwaites pulled the curriculum out of schools and apologized to angry parents saying “I consider sections of this material inappropriate for any age and certainly for the grade seven and eight for which it is designed.” Read the full article here.

In some Western countries, even where parents are homeschooling, they are prohibited from teaching that homosexuality is wrong even if that teaching is based on their religious beliefs. Parents face penalties – even jail terms! In some cases parents are not permitted to opt children of these harmful curriculums or even to home school!

Discrimination is an inevitable part of human activity. Our ability to discriminate helps us make safe and wise decisions. Arbitrary discrimination is always wrong and unjust. CARIFAM opposes all unjust discrimination against homosexuals. However, we maintain the unique importance of preserving marriage as between one man and one woman. Legally protecting marriage is absolutely necessary for human flourishing, for stable healthy families and societies, and for the continued survival of the human species!

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